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The Tapeo Taverna

Our Rustic and Traditional Spanish Tavern

Our first floor ambiance is standard on many street corners in Spain. Cozy tapas bars line the streets where Spaniards eat tapas for lunch and very often after work since dinner isn't usually eaten till at least 9 pm and as late as midnight. Tapas can be eaten as a meal or share among friends. Tapas are the defining symbol of Spanish food and here at Tapeo, we are bringing Spain to you. Our hand painted décor by muralist Raul Rubio will transport you to historical Spain, a Tablao and a Bull Fight all at once. It exudes Spanish energy and vibe.  Enjoy our Causal Tapeo Taverna and make yourself right at home. Buen Provecho. 

El Comedor Espanola

Spanish Glamour, Sophisitcated and White Table Cloth

Our second floor dining room offers our entire menu. It takes on a Spanish Flair beset with distressed rustic walls, hand painted artwork by renowned muralist Raul Rubio, of the principal entertainers in Spanish history. Whether you are dining as a couple, family or friends you will feel Spain all around you.