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Tapeo- A Destination

Transport yourself to Old World Spain. Imagine yourself at a little tavern nestled in a corner on a coblestone street in Madrid. Being a spectator at the running of the bulls in Pamplona, or listening to the Spanish-Middle Eastern Sounds of the Flamenco Guitarist in Andalusia all the while you are savoring every bite of your authentically delicious Tapas, Jamon Iberico, Paella and Chuletas de Cordero. You do not need airfare or a time machine, you need a reservation at Tapeo. 


Eat Together

Every plate achieves that elusive, Spaniard cuisine-defining

balance of spice, salt and zest — even dessert.


Tapas orginated in Spain, where according to legend King Alfonso XIII , the "Wise King of Spain", had been stricken with a serious illness which only allowed him to take in small portions of food with small amounts of wine. After recovering from his illness, the king issued a decree that no wine should be served at inns or taverns unless it was served with food. A variation of the legend suggests that the decree was actually ordered to prevent peasants, who could not afford both wine and food to drink on an empty stomach. 

Tapas are becoming ever more popular in the US. No matter how they actually orginiated Tapas are the latest food trend. Tapas can literally be any type of food- from nuts, olives, and assorted cheeses to roasted meats and stews so long as the dish is served in a small plate. The most important thing about "Tapeo" (the art of eating tapas) is the gathering of people to socialize as they drink and eat. In Spain, tapas bars are lively enviorments filled with much conversation and laugther. Now, the tapeo continues at Tapeo in West Palm Beach. 


The finest meats


Juan Carlos Mendez and Family


"Carlos" started working in restaurants since age 14. He has built and managed several successful Spanish restaurants in the last 25 years and his goal has always been to have his own restaurant in a busy and up and coming area where he can bring a culinary experience like no other. The last almost three decades have paved the way for Tapeo. At his side are his wife Lynne and his son Carlos Juan, “CJ”, who have helped him every step of the way. Many nights and weekends you will see Lynne greeting patrons, working the room, making sure everyone is content and bellies are full. CJ is the restaurant’s manager who leads the waitstaff, bar and is an essential part of Tapeo’s success. CJ has been his father’s rock since the birth of Tapeo. Carlos is bringing his guests all types of Spanish Tapas, Seafood, Meats and Paellas. His concept of bringing Spanish Entertainers such as a singer, guitarist and Flamenco show direct from Spain will offer the West Palm Beach area and an excitement and atmosphere no one has ever offered. Carlos's passion for Spanish Cuisine, the restaurant industry, and hospitality is depicted in every inch of Tapeo. Carlos and has help create the vast menu of indulgence that you will keep coming back for more. He is looking forward to bringing you his take on flavor and flair. Join The Mendez Family in welcoming Espana to West Palm Beach. 

Giovanni J. Savinovich and Leila ALfonso


"Gio" who was born from Ecuadorian and Eastern European parents and is a Spanish business man and extremely familiar with Spanish Cuisine. Gio has owned a manufacturing and development company in Madrid, Spain for nearly two decades and has become extremely familiar with the art of Tapeo. Whether its entertaining clients or dining with his family, he frequents many well known restaurants and taverns throughout the region. His collaboration with Carlos allows him to express himself through the artwork, wine list, and the live entertainment that Tapeo has to offer. At his side is Leila Alfonso, Spanish Entrepreneur, who has led the restaurant redesign work, theme and décor also handles the marketing, public relations and social media for Tapeo. Gio and Leila’s dreams have been to bring their love for Spanish food, wine and culture to the US and what better place to bring it then their new back yard in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Joaquin Cunha


With the opening of Tapeo on Clematis in downtown West Palm Beach, foodies all across South Florida are once again able to enjoy the cuisine of Spain without traveling across the Atlantic! Chef “Jack”, originally from Galicia, Spain, has brought the most experience in Spaniard Culinary Arts to Tapeo. He has cooked at many famous Spanish Restaurants in New Jersey as well as in Spain. His philosophy is “al que madruga Dios lo ayuda”, which translates into the early bird gets the worm, or he who wakes early God will help. You can find Chef Jack at the restaurant any day of the week at 7am preparing all the house-made desserts and picking the freshest ingredients from local vendors. He is a perfectionist and will only put out his best for his audience.